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Future Lovers vol. 2 by Saika Kunieda review

Future Lovers vol. 2
Author/Artist: Saika Kunieda

Publisher: Deux Press

Rating: M – 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Comedy, Romance

Grade: A+

*** Review originally appeared at The Journal of the Lincoln Heights Literary Society at Check it out! ***

Since we last left Kento Kumagaya and Akira Kazuki the two had been dating for almost a year. In this volume the two continue their relationship but instead of the emphasis being on the joy of falling in love it focuses on their continuing relationship and the struggles they face. We have the opportunity to meet Akira's mom and the man who inspired Akira to become an art teacher, Kento's more serious side shows up in a few stories, and there are a couple more light-hearted stories that tackle some serious issues.

Akira's mom doesn't know he's gay (or so we assume) so when the two are introduced Akira introduces them as colleagues. Kento is none too pleased to find out that Akira hasn't shared this info with him. Akira knows all kinds of things about Kento but Kento knows so little about Akira. Can Kento catch a glimpse of the real Akira behind the mask?

If the description of the plot is so sketchy, I apologize. But the book covers their relationship by showing it to us in several vignettes. The two have been together for over a year now and have to deal with the problems that pop up in relationships. Not only do they have to deal with the ups and downs of continuing their affair but they also have to deal with the fallout that comes with being gay in a society that is not as accepting. It covers such things as how they introduce one another to family, friends, and acquaintances, how to keep things fresh in their relationship, dealing with family members who wish things worked out differently, and looking at their long-term relationship (and we even get a glimpse into the future!)

I really love this series. The art is sketchy and not as smooth as you normally see but because of the comedic aspects of this manga it works really well. Akira is gorgeous but kind of a slob and we caught a glimpse of his bizarro fashion sense in the first volume. If you thought his fashion was out of this world crazy in that volume, then you won't be disappointed. Akira's shirts are as crazy as ever! That is one reason why I love this series. Akira marches to the beat of his own drummer and is proud of that fact! Kento on the other hand is so stiff that it's amazing that these two got together. Yet another reason why this is a great series to pick up. The sex is plenty, just like you want, but is tastefully done and really quite attractive.

Like all Deux Press releases, the publishing quality is top notch. The pages are crisp and clean and they use a higher quality paper that really showcases the artwork. The books are flexible and easy to open and hold. They did a great job on the translation and clean up. Banzai!

I highly recommend this book. Of course reading the first volume will help you keep the characters straight and introduce you to these characters. Read this series, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how great it is!

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