Friday, October 21, 2011

Maiden Rose vol. 1 by Fusanosuke Inariya review

Maiden Rose vol. 1

Author/Artist: Fusanosuke Inariya

Publisher: Juné

Rating: M – 18 and above

Genre: Yaoi, Drama, Action, Historical

Grade: B-/C+

Today marks the first day of Yaoi-con and since Fusanosuke Inariya-sensei is the Guest of Honor this year I thought that it since I can’t be there I’ll review her manga instead. Though, I’d rather be in Burlingame, California for the con.

I’m having a hard time summarizing this one so here is what Juné has to say:

Taki Reizen is an honorable young aristocrat caught between his call to duty and a forbidden love. Claus von Wolfstadt is the proud Saxon who becomes Taki’s knight in a war against his own people… and his secret lover! Will these two passionate men lay down their weapons once they’re off the battlefield, or will they push the very limits of their sacred alliance?

Maiden Rose is armed to the hilt with fiery men, fierce fighting and plenty of hand-to-hand combat! With the fate of nations hanging in the balance, it’s up to the noble Taki and his devoted knight Claus to strategize the perfect attack… and they’ll only take the right kind of prisoners! Who will be the victor in this all-out war?

This is a difficult title to review. Why, you ask? Let’s start out with the complexity of the plot. It takes place in an alternate world that very much resembles our own in the early 20th century. You have several different sides and I’m still trying to figure out where all of our characters fit. Also it seems that the story starts out in the middle of all of the action instead of the beginning, which confuses me even more. Another reason why I struggle with this title is the fact that it is full of non-con. I’m not one who is into the rape scenario. The weird thing is Taki is so forceful on the battlefield and could easily take Claus down so why he permits the treatment he receives from Claus is beyond me. We know that Claus is super devoted to Taki (giving up social standing and his country of origin) but if it is someone you truly care for, romantically or otherwise, must you rape them? I just don’t know.

There are some positives, though. The art is beautiful and lushly detailed. Claus has a very manly look to him, which plays well with Taki’s softer features. But they both look like men. There is also a brief short at the end that is drawn in chibi/furry form that is simply adorable. I’ve always been a sucker for chibis and it is so cute that the furry aspect makes it that much cuter. Taki, when in military mode, is very powerful and holds his own against those around him that are larger than him. That may have to do with his position within the Royal Family. Claus is also very loyal and would do anything to protect Taki. So, again, I just have a really hard time with the non-con.

I have high hopes for this title (that’s why it has the grade that I’ve given it). I hope that we’ll be able to get further into their past and find out whether their relationship actually is a non-con situation or if there’s more to the story. Juné has done a good job and I look forward to the next installment.

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