Monday, June 18, 2012

Digital Snapshots Preview

I'm going to be starting my Digital Snapshots feature soon but there are a few Digital Manga Guild titles that I was given access to but I didn't get my thoughts together before I ran out of time.  I didn't want to ignore them completely because I did read them. But they are titles I'm not too crazy about and I won't be using any eManga points to keep them. I may not be a fan but they could be right up your alley. So without further ado here they are!

For those who have a thing for some S & M, bondage, etc., may enjoy Reset by Asahi Shima, Neck-Tie by Asahi Shima, Sadistic Boy by TORIMAIA, and Touching the Night Stars by TORIMAIA. If you like cool, aloof, and seemingly unattainable semes then you might like Long Version vol. 1 by Ohumi (I didn't receive reviewer access for vol. 2 so I can't say anything about it) or The World is Full of Cheating Boyfriends by Ikue Ishida. Finally for those who like May to December style romances feel free to check out Renji Jumonji's Hardship by Juji Fusa and Sunday's Child by Kita Konno (also included in Sunday's Child is a short yuri story which is something I've never really read before.)

All of these titles are available at eManga and for your Nook. Some of them may not be available for Kindle reading because of Amazon's weird selection process. You can get book descriptions for these titles in any of those locations. If these titles sound interesting to you then by all means go out and enjoy them. Just because they aren't my cup of tea doesn't mean they aren't any good. For the most part the editing and typesetting was solid they just weren't stories that caught my fancy.

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