Sunday, October 14, 2012

Licence Announcements

This weekend two separate conventions were being held. One on the East coast, NYCC, and Yaoi-con here out West. I usually pay more attention to the convention coverage of Yaoi-con and other conventions on the West coast than I do to East coast cons. But there were a couple of announcements that excited me. So without further ado here are some of the titles that have been licensed.

I'll start off with NYCC (New York Comic Con). There was a lot announced and if you want that information feel free to head over to Anime News Network for all their coverage. What interested me though was the JManga panel. Many titles were announced but the exciting ones for me were a couple of the Del Rey/Kodansha rescues. They are School Rumble by Jin Kobayashi and Gakuen Prince by Jun Yuzuki. I'm most excited about Gakuen Prince.

Now we're headed to the land of yaoi and the exciting announcements made there. First up is Juné/801 Media/Digital Manga Publishing:

As Many as There are Stars - Miecohouse Matsumoto
A New Season of Young Leaves - Venio Tachibana/Akeno Kitahata
The Mushroom Pup - Kimama Aoboshi
Brave10 vol. 1 - Kairi Shimotsuki
Does the Flower Bloom? vols. 1-3 - Shoko Hidaka
Hey, Class President! vol. 5 - Kaori Monchi (this is the final volume)
Depression of the Anti-Romanticist vol. 2 - Yasuna Saginuma/Riyu Yamakami ( state that there is only one volume but having read vol. 1 of this series it is good news that there is a second volume.)
Ze vols. 8-11 - Yuki Shimizu (vol. 11 is the final volume)
Itazura Na Kiss vol. 12 - Kaoru Tada (this too is a final volume.)

Finally we have SuBLime’s manga license acquisitions:

Confirmed Titles
Love Pistols vol. 6 – Takarako Kotobuki
Punch Up vols. 3-4 – Shiuko Kano
Awkward Silence vols. 3-4 – Hinako Takanaga
His Favorite vols. 3-5 – Suzuki Tanaka
Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love vols. 3-4 – Yaya Sakuragi
Print Only Titles
Blue Morning vol. 1 – Shoko Hidaka
Sleeping Moon vol. 1 – Kano Miyamoto
Hide and Seek – Yaya Sakuragi (this is a spin-off from Bond of Dreams, Bond of Love)
Spiritual Police vol. 1 – Youka Nitta
Digital Only Releases
The Ravishing of the Crown Prince – Wang Yi/Feng Nong
Boys, Be Ambitious! – Saburo Nagai
Egoistic Blue – Mio Tennohji
The Match Seller – Sakae Kusama
Sword and Mist – Hayate Kuku
Print and Digital Releases
False Memories vol. 1 – Isaku Natsume
Embracing Love (2-in-1 omnibus volumes) – Youka Nitta

The biggest news by far from this year's Yaoi-con is the fact that Youka Nitta's Embracing Love will be gracing our shores once again!

(I must send out my thanks to aoi_aka and her live tweeting the SuBLime panel and Anime News Network for all additional info)