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This page contains information about how to navigate around, and access content from this website, using keyboard actions.

access keys

access keys on this website

The pages in this website can be accessed directly by using:

access key 's' - skip to content
access key 'p' - prints page
access key '1' - thespace homepage
access key '2' - events
access key '3' - location
access key '4' - archive
access key '5' - committee
access key '6' - links
access key '7' - accessibility

using access keys

Users of different operating system and browser combinations will need to use different key combinations to use access keys. Also, some browser versions, such as Internet Explorer 4 and Netscape Navigator 4, do not support access keys, while others, such as Opera, do not support numerical access keys.

Windows: Internet Explorer
Press the Alt key followed by an access key and then press Enter or Return.
Windows: Mozilla and Netscape Navigator
Press the Alt key and an access key at the same time.
Mac: Press the Ctrl key followed by an access key.

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tab keys

You can skip through the lists of links on each page by using the tab key. To save tabbing through every single link anchor tags have been distributed throughout that jump directly to the content being accessed. In addition there is a list at the top of each page which contains useful shortcut links.

jump down to next link:
Tab key and then press Enter or Return.
jump up to next link:
Press the Shift key and Tab key and then press Enter or Return.

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referenced websites

RNID: For deaf and hard of hearing people
rnid.org.uk (external link, opens new browser window) 
Information for designing and building accessable websites.
W3C: World Wide Web Consortium
validator.w3.org (external link, opens new browser window)
W3C's XHTML validator.
Centricle: CSS filters
centricle.com/ref/css/filters/ (external link, opens new browser window)
Comprehensive list of CSS filters to filter information to specific browsers. Only some are accessable.
ADOBE/Dreamweaver: Applying CSS from Screen to Print to Handheld
adobe.com/devnet/dreamweaver/articles/designing_css.html (external link, opens new browser window)
Part of the tutorial contains information about browser testing and creating stylesheets for different media types.

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the space logo

Forthcoming events:

Radio Reverb
The Space will be a weekly live arts and popular culture based magazine programme. Wednesday from 6pm on 97.2 FM.
Chris Difford
Singer/songwriter Chris Difford, formerly of Squeeze.