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Special guests: Briggy Smale & Anton Partridge

Briggy Smale - Radio & TV Presenter & Journalist

The former Radio 1 entertainment reporter, mainly appeared on Jo Whiley's show, and has interviewed a wealth of famous names. She originally was a singer in a band, and has done media training. She left Radio 1, due to becoming disillusioned with their increasing emphasis on celebrity culture. Briggy, although passionate about music, is particularly keen on interacting with people, and was much more interested in the celebrities' personalities than whatever they were promoting.

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Anton Partridge - Music publisher, etc

Anton has been in the music industry for 15 years as a music publisher and producer, occasionally working as a DJ. Mainly specialising in dance and pop he has worked with the Shapeshifters (who had huge hit with Lola's Theme), and has previously been a record plugger. He is also a mentor and a business advisor for the Prince's Trust.

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