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Special guests: William Nicholson & Tim Pope

Thank you to all those who attended the September 5 event, which was a great success. It was held at the New Madeira Hotel, and around sixty attendees enjoyed the special guest interviews, conducted by Hayley Sherman. They were William Nicholson, Oscar nominated Gladiator screenwriter and children's fantasy author, and Tim Pope, one of the world's most prolific and legendary music video directors.

William Nicholson - Oscar nominated screenwriter and author.

William and Hayley

Undoubtedly, William gave a compelling, inspirational, and, at times, hilarious account of his career and life, from the many attempts at getting published, to his success, and dealing with Hollywood filmmakers.

William Nicholson is a very successful author known for the acclaimed novels; The Wind of Fire trilogy, The Society of Others, and The Trials of True Love. As a screenwriter William received Oscar nominations for co-writing the hugely popular epic Gladiator, and for writing Shadowlands, which starred Anthony Hopkins and was directed by Richard Attenborough. His other screenwriting credits include First Knight and Nell.


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Tim Pope - Prolific and legendary music video director.

Tim and Hayley

Tim Pope captivated the audience with his recollections of collaborations with rock music's biggest names, such as The Cure, Iggy Pop, David Bowie, and Soft Cell.

Tim Pope
Tim Pope

Tim Pope is one of the world's most prolific and legendary music video directors having worked with the biggest names in rock and pop - including; David Bowie, The Cure, Kaiser Chiefs, Paul McCartney, Pretenders, Iggy Pop, Queen, Paul Weller, Wham, and Neil Young. Tim's videos include; The Love Cats, The Safety Dance, and Tainted Love.


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