Sarah Smith: Angels & Anchors

We all have angels, souls close to us, which have gone before us; those "greats" who left this earth before we wanted them to. We hold their memories tight, and let them live through us daily. I have many angels, and they carry me through the painful days. I let the legacy of their lives be lived through my daily experience.

Sometimes those Angels have Anchors here on earth, they may not be related, nor ever met each other. Sometimes you see those angels in other people. You make a similar connection and they become anchors in your life. Along this journey I have met some amazing, selfless humans. Some have become anchors, and some have become angels. I hold them both extremely close to my heart.

In November 2014 I had the opportunity to witness an incredible evening of inspiration, awareness and music. The music was from the voice of an Angel, Sarah Smith. Her voice is absolutely stunning and her personality is brighter than the sun. I knew right at that moment I wanted to meet her. Just to be in her presence gives me presents. A few weeks ago I got that opportunity. I received a very loving and encouraging message from Sarah about the upcoming I'm 1in5 tour across Canada. I was extremely humbled to receive this message and even more grateful to be invited to write some music with her.

I had an old journal entry that I had been playing around with on my own guitar. Honestly just messing around with some chords and lyrics. When I met with Sarah we sat down, laughed so hard our belly's hurt, and we came up with a song that resonates with the struggle of many; the balance of life when you've experienced pain.

I'm so excited for everyone to hear this amazing masterpiece performed by Sarah recorded in Germany with her brilliant Pat Anthony.. Sarah you will be an anchor in my life for eternity. I hold your passion, love, encouragement, and support very close. It most definitely helps me stay grounded. Much Love to You.