01 Sep 2015

Light Bulb Moment

Our first blog post, so I thought I’d explain why we are here...

I was heading into my pilates class. A beautiful studio owned by a former Royal Ballet prima ballerina. Shoes removed and stored neatly on the rack by the door, before padding across to the reformer, wiped and towelled awaiting your arrival.

Then it hit me. There were Giacomo’s shoes, an olive green pair of Gucci loafers with his Bugatti keys nestled inside. Derrrr... there’s nowhere to buy premium sports kit for men - who like to look stylish, weekday in their Richard James suits and off duty in Oliver Spencer.

I tested my theory.  Everything I sourced came with significant amounts of sweaty man made fibres or was a cookie cutter shape seemingly designed to make guys look barrels. So there was nothing else for it, we were going to have to design and manufacture it ourselves. Tailored sports kit, with discreet logos, in natural fabrics for discerning blokes. Throw into the mix a vastly improved shopping experience that provided convenience and the minimum of fuss, and I had a plan.

And so began our creative journey…meeting the most amazing and supportive people along the way.